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Labrador Puppies
  • ​2-4 litters per calender year
  • Full or Limited registration available
  • Puppies held until 8 weeks of age (NO exceptions)
  • ​$100 deposit
What Harper Labradors has to offfer
We operate a small kennel in southern Mississippi where we strive to make our customers satisified. We have bred litters of show quality (Bench Labs) and have bred litters that are of field trial quality. However, we believe our best litters come from a cross between the two. We adore the calm mellow tempermant from the Bench labs, and love the drive from the American Labs. We strive for the dog who has drive and birdiness to hunt, but is quite and easy to handle. This dog makes a hunter that the average Joe can work with.... and also a loving pet for Jane back home.
Stud Service
  • Natural or Frozen Samples
  • On site artificial insemination
  • Females come to our site
  • Will board if needed
  • Positive reinforcement training method
  • Do not use E-collars
  • Basic Started dog training
  • Limited availbility (2-3 /year)